With the tech industry booming, many companies are pulling out all the stops. They want to create a device or app for just about anything. With that said, many are developing fitness or nutrition apps to help people keep a diet or workout routine consistent. With many individuals on smartphones nearly 24/7, it’s the perfect place to store some sort of fitness or nutritional app to help people stay focused on the goal at hand. Let’s take a look at some of the newest fitness devices that are ready to launch at the Wearable Technology Show in mid-March.

Erik LedinGlofaster: Glofaster is a company with a jacket design for your bicycle. The jacket connects to an app and uses vibrations and lights to help provide the user with feedback on their cycling performance.

Ambiotex: This German start-up has a prototype that measures biometrical data with medical precision. It gives you extensive analysis to help optimize training performance and health.

Beast Technologies: Beast Technologies will be launching the Beast sensor. This sensor helps track gym workouts.

SmartLife: This company will be showing off a product similar to that of Beast Technologies. SmartLife has a smart garment sensor system that will read your body signals with high accuracy. This technology lets you view data like breathing rate, heart rate, and calorie burn.

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