Erik Ledin, a fitness, nutrition and personal development coach and owner of Lean Bodies Consulting LLC knows all about motivation, and, more importantly, what it is NOT. After working with thousands of people over the last 15 years, he’s heard more people say “I need to get motivated” than you can possibly imagine.

Ledin is quick to point out that motivation is an attitude and NOT a feeling. “There are always comments, posts and emails about motivation”, says Ledin. “Its either “I lost it” or “I need some OR someone to motivate me” when in reality, the only way you are going to be successful is when that comes deep from within Y-O-U.” Ledin continues, “How is it that ‘you’ were so gun-ho excited and yet a few months in all that excitement is gone?” Where did it go or should I say, where did you go? What changed?”

To truly experience fitness and nutrition success, Coach Ledin advises that that drive has to be in you at all times and cannot be an impulse. “No one can light that fire for you.”, says Ledin. “It’s either you do or don’t. It’s something within you, you do, you are not just a feeling but an attitude.”

Motivation is not something that just shows up on occasion and no one but you can fix it. “The reality is, it’s your mindset that is shifting – look at WHY. Remember WHY you started your journey and that feeling. Keep pulling on that. You had momentum, don’t drop the ball now. Keep that going. The only way to get ‘there’ is to keep doing, keep pushing, keep grinding on.

Sure things get hard and when that happens you just keep plowing on even when you don’t feel like it, because deep down you believe it. You want it! You know the saying, “JUST DO IT” 

Don’t hesitate and think too much, just go “DO IT!”