Mixing Up Fitness Activities with Luke Milton

Erik Ledin - Luke Milton

Luke Milton

Many trends are swirling around the fitness community as being healthy has become a top priority for many across the globe. Sometimes, the best way to stay fit and healthy is to use good old-fashioned camaraderie in the place of apps or scare tactics by personal trainers. That is what Luke Milton, a 33 year old australian told Fox News. He is a 10 year veteran of of the professional rugby community in Sydney and through his decade of team play, he learned the best motivation comes from those around you.

After retiring from rugby, Milton started a gym environment called Training Mate, in West Hollywood, CA. He hired a number of ex-pro athletes from Australia to bring the atmosphere he was attempting to capture, a fun, supportive team building type of gym.

Classes are structured into 45 minute lengths and is split into 4 stations for a rotating high intensity interval training experience. The constant change of pace is designed to get the blood moving and the heart rate up. This allows for muscles to be pushed harder and can lead to accelerated fat burning.

Milton’s coaching style is similar to his leadership style he illustrated as a pro-athlete, he encourages laughter with bad jokes and keeps the mood light in the room.

Bringing an Aussie flare to the room, he incorporates exercises such as the kangaroo jump, and the koala walk. For those looking to try these at home, the kangaroo jump is where you perform a “burpee” or squat down, kick your legs back and lower chest to the ground before completing a push up and jumping back into a squat. He then takes it one step further and moves his trainees into a split lung for both legs.

The koala walk is where you squat with one hand on the ground and then walk your hands out in front of you until you find yourself in a plank, or push up position. Then, do a pushup as you bring your left knee to your left elbow, returning to a plank when you reach the top. Then alternate sides, and start all over!

Mixing up fitness activities is good for the mind and body so do not be deterred to give a few of these exercises a try and check out the original article on Milton here.

Smaller Gyms Taking Down Bigger Gyms

A new wave of gyms is taking marketshare from those more well established gyms that we are known to hearing from. In the United Kingdom, smaller gyms are taking over the industry. LA Fitness, no relation to the LA Fitness of the United States has is being destroyed in the UK by budget gyms. In fact, Pure Gym has bought LA Fitness. New gyms like Pure, PayasUgym, and TheGym are taking over the industry.

The old model was getting long term contracts at a high rate. With so many gyms now under cutting the competition with short month to month terms at fewer dollars for months, they are now taking everyones business.  For more on this interesting article, check it out on businessinsider.com.

Fitness Apps for Different Needs

Believe it or not, applications made today to enhance personal fitness can help you get to know yourself better. Not every app has to be a personal fitness coach who designs your daily heated workouts. It’s important to recognize the many aspects at play in developing good fitness. Different apps are good for different things, and it’s never a bad idea to find your best fit for each type to build an arsenal of tools. While some focus on the workout routine itself, others focus on how to mold the rest of your schedule around the workout. Just like a gym has a universal machine, free weights, and treadmills to work the different parts of the body, apps exist to serve different dimensions of fitness such as diet, routine, sleep schedule. Some more unorthodox than others, the apps on this list should offer real support in areas of your life that need some assistance.

erik ledin - myfitnesspalTo manage your dietary needs and intake, I suggest MyFitnessPal which makes logging calories easy with accessible interface and a knowledgeable database of brand name foods you often see. As you develop your habits, MyFitnessPal’s food diary remembers your routines. HealthyOut makes it easy to enjoy special occasions out on the town while keeping faithful to your dietary restrictions. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean always cooking your own foods under house arrest.

Sleep Cycle is the most useful coach because it helps you with areas you can’t consciously control. Every night, sleep patterns change, and often we wake up with inexplicable muscular tension and spasms. As you move throughout the night, the app recognizes your movements and REM cycles, and tries to communicate with you accordingly. It won’t wake you up when you’re in your deepest sleep, that’s a sensitivity the everyday alarm clock just cannot offer.

One new and never before seen way to make sure you’ll lose weight and get in shape is to put your money where your mouth is. With DietBet, Healthywage, and similar budding programs, you have the opportunity to set up a wager on how much you will lose. If the muscle isn’t motivation enough, the money will help. If you hit your weekly goals, or exceed them, you’ll get paid for the bets you made. That’ll feel doubly rewarding.

Pick an app, try it out, and see if it works for you. Everybody is motivated differently, so listen to yourself and do what works for you.

Workout Mentality

It can be hard to begin a lifestyle dedicated to good fitness and health, but there are ways to make it easier; pointers and some rules-of-thumb may make the routinization of new habits slide more smoothly into your already stressful life. For the inexperienced trainee, here are two general guides to stick by on your quest to better health.

Goals you can attain

Have you ever done fifteen push-ups or sit-ups and looked immediately after to see the results? Similar to the “think globally, act locally” mindset, we want to imagine big, but hold ourselves to attainable goals and draw up realistic blueprints for reaching them. Just as a book is written a chapter at a time, weight loss and strengthening require the patience of the process to achieve. It is always better to start small and work your way up than to collapse under pressure and quit cold turkey.
In a slightly separate vein, do not get hung up on externalized desires, or reaching goals that do not truly represent you and what you want. Work for yourself and your own confidence, not the approval of someone else. You are the greatest source of motivation for yourself. Do not get carried away with image you want to match or become (ex. a famous celebrity), just keep in mind a healthier, stronger, authentic version of yourself.

Work efficiently; Focus wisely

The Pareto axiom found universally states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the cause.” To exemplify this, 80% of the apples in an orchard come from 20% of the trees. Simply, this means that some efforts are contributing more to your workout than others. This includes the more fundamental components of good health such as good quality sleep and nutrition. If it is easier to run a long time and work on cardio than it is to do heavy lifting for bulk, stick to the cardio.
Good nutrition involves staying away from processed foods, foods high in saturated and trans fats and bad cholesterol. It doesn’t mean stripping all your meals of zest, in fact a lifestyle that approaches ascetic tendencies may endanger you by diminishing general happiness and inspiration. A good workout calls for a good meal, and its okay to eat what you like, as long as you remove the unnecessary factors such as cheap, processed snacks. Julian Hayes II writing with the Huffington Post says “pleasing your palate and meshing with your lifestyle” is the most important part of a good diet.
Sleep is the most crucial player in maintaining good health, and yet, it is the quietest. Lack of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns affect the levels of hormones in your body and throws off homeostasis. Good fitness presupposes bodily equilibrium. Commit to a sleep schedule, and use a bedtime routine if it helps secure those needed hours.

For more on this interesting article, check it out at the Huffington Post.