Every now and then, people tend to get lazy with their workout. Whether it be because of the holidays, they get busy, or they get hurt and once they heal they have a hard time getting back to the gym on their own. We look for reasons as to why to get back to the gym, or even go to the gym initially in the first place. Sure we’ve seen the commercials with the outrageous before and after photos, but do we believe them. How about this one. Clarence Ilderton of High Point, North Carolina is still lifting to this day. Doesn’t really seem like a big deal does it? Well Clarence is 88 years young!

B9315615327Z.1_20141223190254_000_GO29GDVHL.1-0Clarence has come a long way. He remembers the day he first started running. It was May 16th 1968. Why does he remember this date? It was the day after he quit smoking, at age 42! At age 42, Clarence proves right here that it is never too late to make a change.

Five years later, at now age 47 Clarence began taking Korean taekwondo where he eventually achieved the status of a black belt. He then went onto join the YMCA of Greater High Point where he has been a member for 40 years. Clarence to this day works out normally four times a week with sometimes the occasional extra workout on the weekend. To this day, he can bench press more than 200 pounds. Just five years ago, he was able to bench press his max weight of 255 pounds.

It all started with a simple mile walk. As he walked a mile everyday, he then would run a mile. After running a mile every day, one mile then turned into three miles and so on. Clarence Ilderton is a model citizen to show us all that its never too late to get back to the gym to strive for results that you desire. He also goes to show that you’re never too old to stop working out as well. ¬†For more on Clarence, check out this article here.